Furst Brothers    BRATIA FÜRST


Introduction by Shmuel

Upon the liberation of the sites of our childhood from the Soviet Communist rule, both Naftali and I took our families each one separately to show them our birthplace and where we come from. Our sons, and our grandson Ofer, to whom we dedicated one of our journeys, said that our story should be documented, in order to convey our heritage to the generations to come. We, too, feel the difficulty of remembering loads of events that took place a long time ago, knowing that many of them may get blurred or fall into oblivion.

That is how our decision to tell and write the story of our family was born.

Naftali and I shared our childhood. We also shared our ordeal during the years of war. Therefore, the common documentation and sharing of our respective stories seems only natural.

Furst brothers on the background of their birth house